Advantages of being a project manager

1. Project Manager is itself a prestigious post. Its one of the highest post in an organization. To be at that post is first of all the matter of pride and prestige. Respect is what you earn from fellow team members and the boss.

2. Technical project manager understands the problems the team member is facing and can solve, if not, talk with the higher authority directly towards problem solving. Sometimes there are situations where a member cannot take a decision on what has to be done incase of inadequate information. At those times, a project manager comes in either to take a decision or t o talk to the ones responsible.

3. The team members cannot cheat on timing of delivering projects, because a project manager has eyes on all the projects. This is certainly benificial for the organisation. The techincal project manager comes from the same technical background as the members. So the time the team is using or needs to use can easily be determined.

4. Can understand the problems of team members as well and the administrative bodies and can play a major role in bridging the gap and bringing up the solution. A project manager’s role comes right between the members and the administrative body. A technical project manager is 50% technical person and 50% managerial person.

Project Management: Prestige or overload?

The post of Project Manager is indeed a prestigious job as is sounds or atleast people thinks so. But with great power, comes great responsibility. Therefore project managers need a broad skill set. They need to be able to plan, organise, lead, manage, communicate effectively and be able to deal with anything that is not going to plan.

More to say about a technical project manager, a technical project manager is a person from technical background, usually who was once on some lower level in the hierarchy of an organisation doing other technical job, and climbed up to undertake more responsibility of the organisation. Since they have climbed up the hierarchy from the base level, they have a good knowledge about the mentality, work load and the projects and also how to tackle the projects.

But its not always good things that comes while climbing up the hierarchy. There comes the challenges, the responsibility, the dedication to stay at that level.

I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a Project Manager in next post.