Entrepreneur: stress management

Everyone must have gone through lots of stressful situations. Stress can be beneficial and motivational, if you can get control of it. On the other hand, stress can be the cause for irritation and anger, if its out of control causing serious impacts to the person.

As an entrepreneur, there are always, lots of responsibilities and work to complete. You might get so much involved with your work that you won’t have any social life. Your family complaining for you non availability, lists of pending tasks to complete, the deadline, finding an investor….. infact there is a lot to do as an entrepreneur.

Stressful situations are common for an entrepreneur and of very high risk. Its very common to loose your control and make mistakes when you are too much stressed, which might have long term negative impact for your business. As an entrepreneur, you must have people working under you. You might not want anyone to see you loosing control, and lose faith on you. So, stress management is the necessity for an entrepreneur. Here, are few ways, how you can handle your stress:

  • Know your limits and stick to it. Even if its your personal or professional life, you should only take on responsibilities that you can handle.
  • Distribute your workload. Get one or few on the management team whom you can trust and who can really help carry the workload.
  • Take a break. Get some fresh air, take long walks, long drive… refreshen yourself so, that you can give 100% when you are back to work.
  • Express you feelings instead of bottling them up. You might also, want to share it with someone whom you feel comfortable with. That will really make you stressed out. You need an advisor, whoever they may be.
  • Finally and most important is the time management.

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