Give your online visitors something free

This article explains, the 3rd point from my first article “Success as a freelancer..”. With every article on this topic, we as a freelancer, we are climbing a step to success. By reading this article, you will come to know how important is to help or provide something free to meet your goal, to attract client towards you…Provide something free

Providing something free on your site, will automatically initiate more visitors to your site/blog and potentially more clients. Offer your vistiors something that is useful, like if you are designer then, you can put some free buttons, css instructions or some useful tips and if you are programmer, then you can add some piece of code you have developed and useful to other people, like WP Plugins, JQuery Plugins, some useful classes or some tips and tricks for the framework or open source you are master with which might help to tackle real time problems.

This method of feeding to trap a pray, has always been popular on every fields and succeeds most of the time. For example: You can see lots of free software, which when installed, you will find some ads related to them, or some links that points to their works, latest products, etc. Similarly, you can find lots of free wp plugins but most of the free version consists of their company ads, or free version is the simple version of their paid version which has many limitations, and showing their usability on free version, they are forced to get the paid version. So, finally there is a conversion to the provider…

We can find many other examples on this which really works. Moreover, providing something free to the users, will also help you to show your ability and your work to others and if they are impressed, you might get some good referrals as well. That is why, I would suggest you to try this method, which had worked for many, and infact me..:)

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