Making a Portfolio & Updating it Regularly

As a continue to my previous post Success as a Freelancer, on this post I will be trying to explain each of the important points which needs to be followed to be a successful freelancer, one of which is making a good portfolio. To become a successful freelancer we need to have successful clients who can be a constant provider. Making a portfolio might help you to get those clients at your ease.

With the advancement in technology and with the ease of access to the internet at home, office, everywhere, we merely find someone who doesn’t browse internet once a day. And for peoples who work in this web related fields, its impossible for them not to be in touch with internet . So, having a website of your own means a lot. It is for you, representing your online presence. It makes you look more professional and also, many of the clients do surf the net to find new people matching their criteria for their upcoming projects. Just that you don’t have a website or as you lack online presence, you might have missed lots of good opportunities which must have been very suitable to you. People won’t know you are there with the appropriate capabilities they have been looking for, so having a website portfolio is a must.

Hope you have an idea, how important is to have a website portfolio. Now, if you already have a website/blog then I would recommend you to update it timely. Though it might take few hours to have a single post but that might turn out to be profitable in long run. In addition, we have lots of social sites these days, where you can show your social presence and show your best works timely.. who knows where you might get a good client….:P

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