Project Management: Prestige or overload?

The post of Project Manager is indeed a prestigious job as is sounds or atleast people thinks so. But with great power, comes great responsibility. Therefore project managers need a broad skill set. They need to be able to plan, organise, lead, manage, communicate effectively and be able to deal with anything that is not going to plan.

More to say about a technical project manager, a technical project manager is a person from technical background, usually who was once on some lower level in the hierarchy of an organisation doing other technical job, and climbed up to undertake more responsibility of the organisation. Since they have climbed up the hierarchy from the base level, they have a good knowledge about the mentality, work load and the projects and also how to tackle the projects.

But its not always good things that comes while climbing up the hierarchy. There comes the challenges, the responsibility, the dedication to stay at that level.

I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a Project Manager in next post.

Getting involved in social media

I had already mentioned how, Making a portfolio can play an important role in getting clients in my previous post, “Making a Portfolio & Updating it Regularly“. Now, on this post, I will try to show you the importance of social site and how you can utilize it for your freelancing and business purpose.

Social media has taken online communication to a different level. Almost everyone uses social media for all types of interactions, be it personal or professional. With these sites you can connect easily with people, share your thoughts and views, post your blogs and build a huge following. People don’t do business with ones whom they don’t know. Growing good relationships with peoples is much vital to the business. Getting engaged with Social media to demonstrate what you do, what are you good at and some of the links for your demo works will better describe you and let other peoples to understand your capability. Finally, this will help you get more clients and more work.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are current top social media sites. With these you can expose yourself to thousands of users with something useful to everyone and grow your reputations and inturn you get back from them.

Making a Portfolio & Updating it Regularly

As a continue to my previous post Success as a Freelancer, on this post I will be trying to explain each of the important points which needs to be followed to be a successful freelancer, one of which is making a good portfolio. To become a successful freelancer we need to have successful clients who can be a constant provider. Making a portfolio might help you to get those clients at your ease.

With the advancement in technology and with the ease of access to the internet at home, office, everywhere, we merely find someone who doesn’t browse internet once a day. And for peoples who work in this web related fields, its impossible for them not to be in touch with internet . So, having a website of your own means a lot. It is for you, representing your online presence. It makes you look more professional and also, many of the clients do surf the net to find new people matching their criteria for their upcoming projects. Just that you don’t have a website or as you lack online presence, you might have missed lots of good opportunities which must have been very suitable to you. People won’t know you are there with the appropriate capabilities they have been looking for, so having a website portfolio is a must.

Hope you have an idea, how important is to have a website portfolio. Now, if you already have a website/blog then I would recommend you to update it timely. Though it might take few hours to have a single post but that might turn out to be profitable in long run. In addition, we have lots of social sites these days, where you can show your social presence and show your best works timely.. who knows where you might get a good client….:P

Success as a Freelancer

Success as a freelancerFreelancing is very common these days. Most of all wants to quit our full-time job and work on our own, where we are our own boss, we manage our own time and select anytype of jobs, we are comfortable with. Freelancing is not always easy and it requires a bit of flexibility, creativity, dedication and most of all, a good management. Even though a large number of individuals are involved in freelancing, only few of them are able to achieve maximum level of success. Success might depend on your talent, dedication and your management skills. Where there are people who are totally satisfied with freelancing and earning more then what they had expected, there are others who are quite frustrated with it and rather thinking of joining some other jobs. So, to the ones who falls under second category, I would like you to go through points mentioned below and see if you are missing something which you can improve to join in the list of successful freelancer.

Mentioned below are few of the points which successful freelancers take into consideration:

Now, I hope you have some ideas on what you have been missing and what are the things you might want to concentrate on, for successful freelancing. In coming days, I will be explaining each of the above points in detail, so that you have more ideas on them.