Why Facebook Will Reject an Ad – 9 Reasons

There are a lot of reasons why your ad has been rejected. Here are the most common ones.

  1. The ad features or promotes tobacco, drugs and drug-related products (including pharmaceuticals)
  2. The ad promotes unreliable and/or unsafe diet supplements (what qualifies as unreliable and unsafe is unfortunately up to Facebook and their discretion)
  3. The ad is selling weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  4. The ad features sensational, excessively violent content
  5. The ad promises counterfeit or fake documents, such as degrees, passports, or immigration papers
  6. Malware and spyware, surveillance equipment (spy cams and cell phone trackers, for example) can be found in the ad
  7. The ad uses unlikely or exaggerated “before-and-after” images to promote weight loss (ads for health and weight loss products must be targeted to people over 18 years old)
  8. The ad features “Adult Content”
  9. Unrealistic claims or get ‘get rich quick’ schemes

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